Aquinox is focused on leveraging our library of novel compounds that activate SHIP1 to develop therapeutics for application in inflammation, inflammatory pain, and blood cancers. We are primarily focused on generating compounds for inflammatory indications and have also initiated a program to evaluate the potential for SHIP1 activators in blood cancers.1

Aquinox’s initial discovery platform was based on the screening of a natural product library of compounds to identify potential SHIP1 activators. This platform included:

  • a novel in vitro, high throughput assay to screen SHIP1 activators;
  • a patented approach to screening drugs against the C2 binding domain;
  • the use of the SHIP1 knockout mouse to produce cells for in vitro experiments or for in vivostudies to determine the selectivity and specificity of our compounds; and
  • an extensive library of SHIP1 activating chemical compounds.

Aquinox’s screening and chemical modification of this initial natural product library as well as compound classes in other libraries of interest has resulted in the development of several classes of SHIP1 activators.



1 Graham P, Valle-Argos B, et al. Chemical Activation of the SHIP1 Inositol Lipid Phosphatase: A Novel Therapeutic Strategy to Suppress B-cell Receptor Signaling and CXCR4 Expression in Malignant Human B Cells. Poster presented at: Annual American Society of Hematology Meeting; Dec 3-6, 2016; San Diego, CA.