The Inspiring Story

The history of our company is a history of success based on professionalism, faith, and the search for extraordinary solutions. There is a saying: “To realize a dream, you need passion”, and we can’t help but agree with it. A couple of decades ago, Canadian pharmacy was founded as a supplier of medicines and equipment.

Starting with the sale of medical equipment to medical institutions, the company gradually switched to the import and packaging of medicines, and then engaged in pharmaceutical production. The owners of the company created a distribution network that combined wholesale deliveries in some of the Canadian states. But later, drug sales reached several million dollars. However, the partners were not going to stop there. It was decided to reduce distribution and start developing retail. Moreover, it was decided not just to open pharmacies, but to create a strong retail brand, which would later become a competitive advantage.

Initially, the format of Canadian pharmacy was a real revelation! In fact, it was unique on the Canadian market. The main task was to change the attitude of customers towards the pharmacy. The founders wanted to make it a place to sell health and beauty products. In such a way, the idea of creating pharmaceutical markets based on the best examples of the global pharmacy business was implemented. The new format was positively approved by customers, which was reflected in a significant increase in the pharmacy’s turnover. The idea to offer customers not only medicines, but also dietary supplements, medical cosmetics, beauty and health products was also innovative.

One more important part of Canadian pharmacy was its staff. Since then, a friendly smile, a well-delivered speech, and the ability to communicate with people have been the calling cards of the employees. At the same time, the retail direction was actively developing, and automation of business processes was required. So, Canadian pharmacy became the first pharmacy network to introduce automatic ordering of goods. By building a large-scale national pharmacy network, our client was guaranteed to receive a high level of service as well as qualified consultation. A few years later, international shipping was included in the list of company services.