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Who We Are? is your Canadian pharmacy from Vancouver focused on safety and real products. By carefully selecting all our suppliers, we ensure you receive high-quality OTC and prescription drugs at an affordable price. The philosophy of the company is the highest quality of products for human health. The catalog of Canadian pharmacy includes more than 2,000 items. Searching our database will help you quickly find the names you are interested in.

  • Year of establishment: 2002.
  • What do we offer? Truly high-quality medicines at a discount.
  • Do you ship all over the US? Yes, we deliver to all states.
  • How to start purchasing from us? Simply browse our medication catalog.

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Take a Look at Key Strengths of Our Canadian Pharmacy

aqx canadian pharmacyAbout thirty years ago, Canada was the second most expensive drug seller in the world. It was a huge problem for most Canadians. Fortunately, the authority of the country created a policy based on setting the price of medicines in accordance with drug reviews, negotiated pricing, and a large use of generic drugs. Generic products do not differ from the original ones, except that they have expired patent protection and the price is 20–80% lower. They are sold under a different name than the original drug. Each province in Canada has a body that regulates the activities of pharmacies, as well as the professional level of pharmacists. That’s why all the workers in Canadian online pharmacy have an exceptional and high level of knowledge and are qualified in various fields related to health.

How Much Do You Save With Us?

Name of Drug Other Online Pharmacies
Generic Levitra $62.00 (per pack) $437.00 (per pack)
Stendra $77.00 (per pack) $632.00 (per pack)
Generic Viagra $54.00 (per pack) $379.00 (per pack)
Propecia $35.00 (per pack) $265.00 (per pack)
Cialis Generic $78.00 (per pack) $524.00 (per pack)
Cipro $46.00 (per pack) $276.00 (per pack)

Shipping Terms

Also, one of the absolute benefits of our company is its worldwide shipping. We have developed secure and fast delivery into most of the countries. The detailed list of countries we ship to can be found at our website.

1. United States 11. Denmark 21. Greece
2. Canada 12. Finland 22. Turkey
3. Mexico 13. Ireland 23. India
4. United Kingdom 14. Austria 24. China
5. France 15. Luxembourg 25. Japan
6. Italy 16. Germany 26. South Korea
7. Netherlands 17. Switzerland 27. Czechia
8. Belgium 18. Poland 28. Australia
9. Sweden 19. Spain 29. New Zealand
10. Norway 20. Portugal 30. Singapore

You can also choose comfortable payment options. After placing your order, you’ll get a confirmation list or a confirmation call to confirm your order. After all the necessary steps, you’ll receive your order in 8–15 business days. We provide customers with access to quality medical products, no matter where they live.

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