Pipeline / Product Platform

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Aquinox seeks to develop and market next generation medications for the treatment of blood and immune disorders. To achieve this goal, Aquinox continues to expand on its strong product pipeline and has developed several proprietary methods for drug screening and identification.

These methods include:

  • a novel in vitro, high throughput chromogenic assay to screen enzyme activators and inhibitors
  • a natural product library consisting of extracts derived from marine sources which has been a rich source of compounds that either activate or inhibit both SHIP1 and SHIP2 and then form the basis for synthetic analogue development
  • a SHIP knockout mouse (SHIP1 -/-) that is used for in vivo studies and experiments
  • identification of unique allosteric binding sites for use in targeted drug discovery of highly selective compounds

The company has already identified a number of compounds that have desirable drug properties, both from a biological and a manufacturing perspective, forming the backbone of its pipeline.