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Health Effects and Benefits

Generic Levitra has a number of advantages:

  • High effectiveness. Many people compare this medicine with Generic Viagra and Generic Cialis by mistake considering it to be similar. But this is not quite true. Generic Levitra has much stronger effect than other medications according to clinical trials.
  • Research studies discovered an interesting fact that vardenafil is able to fulfill its purpose for patients suffering from diabetes or who underwent prostatic gland surgery.
  • Generic Levitra may be combined with fat food and alcohol, since the medicine is absorbed in blood fast, but the effect will occur within a prolonged period of time (within 1 hour).
  • This drug doesn’t have addicting properties.
  • A shorter list of side-effects and counter-indications in comparison with other PDE5 inhibitors.
  • Optimal onset time (20-30 minutes) lasting in average 5-12 hours.
  • High quality and safety of generic are combined with its affordable price.

Generic Levitra vs Generic Viagra vs Generic Cialis

There is no unambiguous answer on the question what is better: Generic Levitra (vardenafil), Generic Viagra (sildenafil) or Generic Cialis (tadalafil).

Anyway, the medicines are distinguished by the following parameters:

  • Generic Levitra has a fast and strong action of the active substance;
  • Generic Cialis has the longest action period in comparison with other PDE5 inhibitors;
  • Generic Viagra is the most attested and popular brand in the world.

Onset time/ending:

  • Generic Levitra – 10-15 minutes/ 8-10hours;
  • Generic Cialis – 20-30 minutes/ 36hours;
  • Generic Viagra – 30-60 minutes/ 4-6hours.

Standard dosage of Generic Viagra is 100mg of active substance, Generic Cialis’s components make 40mg, and Generic Levitra contains in average 20 mg of vardenafil.

Generic Levitra and Generic Cialis may be taken along with food, whereas Generic Viagra is to be taken on empty stomach. Nevertheless, fat food doesn’t affect the absorption of Generic Cialis in comparison with Generic Levitra. They are also compatible with alcohol which is their main competitive advantage over Generic Viagra.

The percentage of Generic Viagra side-effects is higher in comparison with Generic Levitra and Generic Cialis in regards to blood flow to head (blushing, headache) as well as vision distortion. Generic Cialis frequency of side-effects connected with blood flow to head is reduced. But in comparison with Generic Levitra, the gastro-enteric disorders are more frequent. Also, backaches are possible.

Notwithstanding some differences, the medications are the closest analogues and have the similar effect.