Propecia Generic for Hair Loss (Finasteride Tablets)

If you represent 70% of males who suffer from pattern hair loss, do not despair: this condition can and should be treated. Modern medicine has made a big step towards the solution of this problem. A lot of men order Propecia in Australia – this is an efficient and affordable drug. What are the peculiarities of pattern hair loss, and how Propecia can help?

Male pattern hair loss: how does it happen?

In many cases, it’s genetics to blame: the vast majority of men with this condition have family history of baldness. In this case, the process is affected by androgen production: these sex hormones regulate hair growth. When male pattern baldness takes place, the growth cycle of hair reduces, and the structure becomes thinner. Gradually, hair cycle totally ends, and no new strand develops on its place.

In some other cases, baldness is caused by more serious conditions like cancer or thyroid diseases, steroids and medications. Unhealthy eating habits, malnutrition and fungal conditions also contribute to baldness. If you have baldness accompanied by redness, rash, scalp peeling or hair loss in pitches, it can be a sign of serious disease. It’s important to perform blood tests and biopsy to find the cause of condition.

About Propecia (Finasteride) medication

Initially, Finasteride (active component of Propecia) was invented to treat prostate disorders. To their surprise, researchers have realized that it boosts hair growth caused by abnormalities in androgen production. Now, Propecia is considered to be the most effective medication for pattern hair loss treatment.

There is also a generic Finasteride called “Finpecia”: it consists of the same active ingredients and can be purchased in some European and Australian pharmacies. However, before you order online in Australia, make sure that you visited a trusted store.

How to buy Generic Propecia cheaply?

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How does it work?

The success of Finasteride is conditioned by the fact that it inhibits 5-alpha-reductase, the enzyme that transforms testosterone into another androgen hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This hormone makes hair follicles smaller and eventually causes baldness. The studies show that reduction of dihydrotestosterone helps to stop development of baldness in more than 85% of men, and boosts hair growth in 65% of males. FDA research has shown that about 83% of men who followed treatment for two years have reported total cease of hair loss, improved rates of hair growth or even both conditions. About 80% of men have admitted that their look has become better.

How to take Generic Propecia?

Follow the dose prescribed by your doctor: do not exceed the recommended amount of drug. Drink a pill up with a glass of water and don’t chew or crush it. Propecia may be taken regardless of meal time. Try taking the pills the same time every day. Use the medication regularly to see positive results. As a rule, hair loss stops within 3-12 months: the drug works over the long term. If you haven’t noticed any improvement after 12 months, you should stop taking the medication – it’s unlikely to help. However, if it changed the situation to the better, the results may reverse when you cease the course. Some men claim they have been using Propecia successfully for about 20 years, and note that benefits of medication can be visible in the second or third year (when hair stay at permanent density for decades).

To make sure that the drug really helps and does not trigger any side effects, you should go through regular blood tests and visit your doctor. If you miss a dose and forget about it till the next day, do not use two tablets at once to make up.

Warnings and recommendations

Before having these tablets administered to you, our doctor may ask you whether you have: liver disease, urethra strictures, bladder disorders, prostate cancer, problems with urination, allergic reaction to similar drugs (for instance, Dutasteride), etc. Inform the specialist, if you have any of these health problems.

Women and children should not neither take Propecia, nor touch it: Finasteride contained in pills can absorb through the skin. If a crushed tablet has been handles by a kin or a woman, it’s necessary to wash the area with soap and water immediately. Propecia can cause birth defects, if used by pregnant women.

Side effects

Possible complications and side effects of Propecia include:

  • rash and hives;
  • itching of scalp and other body parts;
  • tenderness in breast;
  • depression;
  • swelling of face, tongue or lips;
  • growth of breast;
  • pain in testicles;
  • infertility or low quality of semen;
  • pain during ejaculation;
  • lower sexual desire;
  • problem getting erection.

In rare cases, Finasteride provokes breast cancer. That’s why you should regularly check breast for lumps and if it’s accompanied with pain, see the doctor immediately. Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) tests can help to define whether a man has cancer (its rates usually get higher).

Other drugs may interact with Finasteride and inhibit its action. If you use some medications, vitamins, over-the-counter drugs or herbal products, tell your doctor about it.

Propecia and prostate cancer

It was also discovered that men aged 55 and older are under higher risk of prostate cancer when taking Propecia. The thing is that the dose for enlarged prostate treatment is five times higher than for hair loss. Therefore, it’s important to go through regular screening, because prostate cancer cells develop quickly and aggressively. If you experience prostate pain or have lumps, visit your doctor immediately.